Tidbits: Sep 2013

Slow and Steady

One fine morning, at breakfast, Tiger decided to bring out the virtues of the malted chocolate drink he has every day.

Tiger: Papa, do you know what Bournvita does?

Papa: No, what does it do?

Tiger: Bournvita gives you energy. It makes you run faster!

Papa: Really? It makes everyone go faster?

Tiger: (slight pause) Except if you're a tortoise. Then it can't help much.


Laws of Physics

One day, over dinner, the conversation revolved around every one's weight. Here's what happened next.

Tiger: Papa, I need to tell you something funny.

Papa: What is it?

Tiger: I think there is something funny about my legs.

Papa: What is it?

Tiger: Just one of my legs weighs 20 kilos, and both together also weigh 20 kilos!

Papa: How is that possible? Show me what you're doing.

Tiger takes me to the weighing scale, stands on it with one leg, and then stands on it with both and shows me what he meant.

Now, you know.

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