Tidbits: Mar 2013


Identity Crisis

We were passing by a billboard with kids dressed up in a variety of roles, and I was curious which of these roles appealed to my son…

Papa: Tiger, what would you like to be when you grow up?

Tiger: Hmmm… an “autographer!”

(I thought to myself that he has aspirations of becoming a star figure that is always signing autographs, but I persisted in my enquiry)

Papa: What’s an autographer?

Tiger: Simple – he’s someone like you.

Papa: What do you mean?

Tiger: Someone who is always taking photographs.


What’s in a Name?

I read a brief write up about a king and decided to test my son’s perspective on the subject…

Papa: Tiger, how about we change your name to something more interesting?

Tiger: Like what?

Papa: Well, I was thinking we could change it to Gajendra Singh II – Then, everyone will think you are a King of someplace.

Tiger: (Thinks for a bit and says) No, papa. I don’t want to.

Papa: Why?

Tiger: It’s too difficult for me to spell.


Now, you know.

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