Tidbits: July 2012



It was the launch of The Dark Knight Rises, and superheroes were on everyone’s mind. Since Tiger is a big fan of several superheroes, I couldn’t help ask him about it…

Papa: Tiger, if you could be one superhero, who would you be: Superman, Spiderman or Batman?

Tiger: (after thinking for a second) Spiderman!

Tiger: (after another second), but with a Batmobile…

Tiger: (after another second), and with Superman’s cape.

What more could one want?


House vs Home

One evening, at dinner, Pumpkin (now, eight) was talking about a lesson in school that taught them about houses…

Pumpkin: Mama, can I tell you about houses?

Mama: Sure, you can.

Pumpkin: Houses have a roof, a door and windows. Houses keep us warm in the winter… etc. etc.

She was talking about the various properties of houses, and we figured that Tiger (now, four and a half) shouldn’t feel left out of the conversation. So, we involved him too.

Mama: Tiger, what do YOU think a house should have?

Tiger: (thinks for a second and then answers) Love.

Enough said, don’t you think?

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