Tidbits: Dec 2011


Problem Solved

One Sunday morning, I found myself talking to the kids about the concept of Extinct and Endangered animals. They had a book of the same topic, and wanted to know more about creatures like the woolly mammoth and the dodo. Here’s what happened next…

Papa: Endangered animals are those which are in danger of disappearing from our lives, because there are so few of them left. Like, tigers.

Papa: And, remember the movie – Ice Age? Like the Woolly Mammoth shown in that movie, many species of animals have already disappeared and can never be seen again. That’s what “extinct” means.

Pumpkin: But Papa, how come they disappeared?

Papa: Because the last one of them died, so there are no more of them left.

Pumpkin: But why didn’t he just marry someone ?!

Now, you know.

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