Dear Tiger @ Four

Dear Tiger,

Yesterday, you turned four!

It’s easy for all at home to think of you as the “baby”, especially since you are the youngest of us all, look so cute and are so adorable.  But, you are fast learning that almost-four-year-olds don’t bawl each time they don’t get their way.  And, you’ve been waiting for the BIG day when you actually turn four!

It’s been a hell of a year for all of us, and quite eventful for you as well.  This was the year when u graduated from your Little Stars playschool, to joining the “big school”.  We were worried that we may not be able to secure admission for you in Bombay Scottish, but we did.  So, each morning, you and your sister – Pumpkin – take the school bus to the same school (though you return earlier than she does).

Your favorite pasttime is “doing cozy cozy” with your mama, and there seems to be no end to the amount of love you want to shower on her!  It still amazes both of us that you show so much affection to any one, especially since you are a boy.  If this quality stays with you, your wife will be a very lucky woman, and you mother will have a very hard time letting you go…

You can’t stay still for long, and love to practice moves like the Karate Kid, Kung Fu Panda and Spiderman.  You chose a Batman cake for your 4th birthday, and I’m only glad to hear that Batman is one of your favorite superheroes – he’s my all-time favorite too.

Many of your friends from your playschool class seem to have joined you in your new school, and you now have a close knit set of friends, with a special soft spot for Amy.  You love irritating your elder sister and to chase her all around the house, and it’s a lot of fun to watch you two in action.  You can never have enough cars to play with, or building blocks.  For your birthday, we gave you some options and you finally chose a mechanical building-blocks set that you can use to make airplanes, cars, etc.  It was also time that you learned how to cycle, so we got you a shiny blue bicycle just a few weeks before your birthday.

This past year, you went through a bad patch of night terrors.  But, I’m proud to say that you braved through that period, and soon settled down to sleeping with your sister in the kids’ room.  You insist that we have small lights on in the kids’ room when you sleep, but that’s ok.

You may be surprised to learn that one of your favorite foods to eat is ladyfingers!  You love cheese and chocolates, but also have a penchant for spicy pickles.  And, your love for raw onions is unparalleled… Any time of night or day, you can eat all the onions you can get your hands on! By personality, you are more willing to try out new things, and also crazy about Coke/Pepsi and potato chips.

You are fortunate to have a technophile for a father.  Even though I choose my gadgets prudently, you have the benefit of having access to an iPod Touch, an Android smartphone and an iPad2 in the house – all at the tender age of four!  And, you spare no effort in putting it all to good use.

I’m curious to see how the next 12 months will turn out.  You are already beginning to exhibit signs of transforming from a playful child to a young man… I look forward to being with you through this transformation and introducing you to man-things, as the years go by.

I wish you the best that Life has to offer, and hope that you find your way through its maze, enjoying every step of the journey…


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  1. Read your blog after such a long time, i just love the way you have captured memories of Pumpkin and Tiger`s childhood.They are going to treasure this when they grow up.I think this is best gift you can give them.
    All the best and keep it up !

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