Tidbits: August 2011



One morning, at breakfast, I was reading out a newspaper headline to my daughter, in an attempt to get her interested in the happenings around the world.  Unknown to me, my li’l son was also paying attention.  Here’s what happened next…

Papa: Pumpkin, see what this newspaper is writing about: “The world is getting fitter, and the city getting fatter!”

Pumpkin: What does that mean?

Papa: It means that people across the globe are getting healthier, while the people who live in Bombay are not getting enough exercise, and are getting fatter.

Tiger: No, papa.  That is not true.

Papa: Why is that, Tiger?

Tiger: We are in Bombay, right?  Bombay is on Earth, right?  And, the Earth is spinning, right?

Papa: Right!

Tiger: So, spinning is also exercise, no?  So, we’re all exercising!

Who would have thought?!

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