Tidbits: July 2011


Vacation Planning

One morning, at breakfast, I asked both the kids about what kind of a holiday they would want.  I was planning out some options for the Diwali vacation coming up in a few months, and thought that the children should have a say in it too.  Here’s what happened next…

Papa: So, tell me, if you had a choice about going anywhere for a holiday, what kind of place would you choose?  Would you like to go to the mountains, or near the ocean, or by a riverside or to a cool place or something else?

Pumpkin: Hmmm, I know!  I’d like to go to a palace that has a “chocolate land” built inside it!  There should be a fountain of chocolate right in the middle, and we can go and have as much chocolate as we want.

Tiger: I know, I know! I want to go to SuperHeroLand!!!

Papa: What’s that?

Tiger: It’s a place where Batman, Superman and Spiderman lives.  And, there are also lots of toys of Batman, Superman and Spiderman.  And, you can take a big bag with you, and bring back as many toys as you want of your favorite superheroes.  We can ask dadi (grandma) to give us a very big plastic bag!

Turns out they were old enough to know what they wanted, and had even planned out the logistics of it!  But, the game was far from over…

Papa: Hmmm.  Those are some very good ideas you have there, but what if we’re not able to find a SuperHeroLand or a chocolate-land in a palace to go to?

Pumpkin: We could just go to Goa!

Runs in the family, I guess…

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