The Present

Quick on the heels of my last post, comes another one that focuses on what truly matters when you’re a parent.

In a blog post entitled – The Power of Presence – Mike Shippey offers a wonderfully-written, thought-provoking reminder of the power we wield as parents, and how we can put it to good use…

When your child wants to talk to you about something…listen.  And don’t just listen, but make eye contact.  And don’t just make eye contact, bend down or get on one knee and get face to face with them.  Really and truly look them in the eye.  And pay attention.

Nothing makes a child feel as safe and secure or loved and cared for as a parent who takes the time to listen.

Kids are pure, man.  I mean they are the real deal.  They have no real concept of time or boundaries, their imaginations run wild, they are naturally happy and curious, and they will ask anything.  They ask because they want the answers.  And the first place they look is the ultimate storehouse of knowledge…mom or dad.

Imagine that you are a super hero.  Because, if you have children, you are.  To those kids you are the bravest, strongest, smartest, and most influential person n the planet.  As far as they are concerned, you know everything and you can do anything.  And so, when they need an answer or a solution, some love, attention or just a person to share their feelings with…they come to you.

It doesn’t take much to be a superhero to your child.  And yet, so many of us (well-meaning parents) focus on the stuff that doesn’t really matter in the end. 

As Shippey says, “Just be present.  Be real.  Be a parent.  Be a hero.”

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  1. Its true, i have tried it with my kid.most important learning which i got as a parent is make your child self dependent.we as parents are there guide, mentor and confidante .

    nice post.

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