Tidbits: April 2011


A holiday in Goa!

We were on our way back from a recent road-trip to Goa.  We’d been to Goa (with and without the kids) many times before, but this time was different since we went driving!  Despite all our apprehensions, the kids held up well throughout the to and fro journeys, and we all had a blast.  Just out of curiosity, on the way back, I asked the kids if they had a good time.  Here’s what happened next…

Papa: So, did you guys have a good time in Goa?

Pumpkin: Yes, papa.  We had a great time.  Goa has such nice road signs : Curve ahead, speedbreaker ahead, etc. instead of Bombay which only has Don’t Honk and Don’t Park!!!

Papa: What about you, Tiger?

Tiger: Yes, yes.  I also had fun.  Next time, when I grow up, will you bring my school friends and my garden friends and we’ll all come back to Goa?  Please?!

How could any one say no to that?


Fair and Square

We were just going to drop by my in-laws to pick up a packet, and I decided to take Tiger with me for the short drive, when this happened…

Tiger: Papa, can I please take my cars with me?

Papa: Ok, Tiger, but pick one. (After all, it was a 5-minute drive)

Tiger: Ok, papa, let’s make it fair and square – we’ll make it double!

Papa: How is it fair and square to “make it double” ?!

Tiger: Ok, then can I take three?

Papa: Tiger, the choice is between Zero and One.

Tiger: Ok, then I choose zero.

I assumed he was going to sulk for a bit, and that’s why he chose zero.  But I was to learn a new concept soon…

(After driving for a few minutes)

Tiger: Where’s my zero car, Papa?

Now, you know.

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  1. Nice to read your blog after a long time.
    Seems like you have given the kids interesting names if translated would sound hilarious kadu and sher

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