Tidbits: February 2011


Casting a Spell

A few weeks ago, Pumpkin turned 7.

I was curious to know what she thought about the most significant developments of the past year, so I went ahead and asked her…

Papa: Pumpkin, now that you’ve turned 7, what is the most important thing you remember about the months that went by?

Pumpkin: Hmmm… I think the most important thing was that a witch cast a spell on me and my best friend!

Papa: Really?!  How did that happen? (I almost fell off my chair when I heard that)

Pumpkin: Oh, Papa.  An evil witch cast a spell on both of us last year – that’s why we have to go to school every day!  Before that, we used to go to office instead of school.

Papa: Wow!  And, how will that spell ever end?

Pumpkin: Only when school ends forever.

Now, you know.

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