Dreams Do Come True

It was a little over two years ago, when I first spoke to Pumpkin about taking her to a “snow place”.  Since that time, on numerous occassions, she used to ask me when we would be making the trip, and I would always reply that we would go soon, and that these things take a lot of planning, and even if we go there would be no guarantee of actually seeing snow.

It had been bugging me for a while now – the fact that it was a promise not yet fulfilled.  Something or the other would come up each time we planned an excursion for the family.  And, the “snow” vacation just did not happen.

But, I was determined to make it happen before the year ended.

The more I researched the idea, the more I realized that perhaps relying on the good fortune of the weather or enduring the trials and tribulations of what goes by the name of “tourism” in India, may not be the best way to go about it.  So, I started the hunt for indoor snow resorts / theme parks and after exploring Dubai and Singapore, finally settled on Bangkok’s Dream World / Snow Town.

Bangkok is a destination that I am very well-acquainted with, and it would be a great way to introduce the kids to the sights and sounds of a foreign culture!  We had been talking about taking the children for an international trip, and were waiting for both to be the right age.  Tiger had just turned 3, and Pumpkin was 6 and a 1/2.  The timing was perfect. As luck would have it, a popular travel site was also running a special promo offer for Bangkok during that period, with a free entry to Dream World!

We took an Air India flight out of Mumbai as the timings were most convenient.  (I still can’t see myself taking an international flight that departs in the middle of the day!)  The service apartment suite on Sukhumvit Road was cozy and well-managed.  Dusit Zoo was delightful.  The day spent at Safari World was enchanting in so many ways, the most memorable of which was feeding the giraffes!  The afternoon we spent in Rotfai Gardens & Butterfly Park was simply magical.  And, Dream World / Snow Town was literally a dream come true – unlimited rides for the kids through the day, and we touched snow. 

All the planning and preparation had paid off, and I was able to fulfill a promise to my Pumpkin. Seeing her face the first time she touched snow was a memory I would cherish for a long time.  And, Bangkok would never be the same again for me…

6 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True”

  1. Yup agree. Her face was a sight to see. If she could float she wld have 🙂 Thanks for making it happen and for recording/capturing all the memories for when they grow up and for when I lose my mind!!

  2. There is this cute commercial ( car I think) where the kids goes to sleep and the parents drive to a place with snow and watch him wake up. Can’t find it but your first para reminded me of that 🙂

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