All You Wanted To Know About Naveen

Naveen is a product of St. Xavier’s College (Mumbai), where he graduated in Geology, before commencing his professional journey with a stint in frontline Sales at India’s leading Yellow Pages company. Soon after, he taught himself all he needed to know about making computers work for him, and enrolled for a full-time MBA in Marketing.

Some crazy years followed soon after, including working briefly for MTV, starting a dotcom (way back in 1999!) and joining Radio Mirchi (FM Radio) for a while. He also went back to his business school just a year after graduation, and taught Information Technology to budding young managers!

After that, came a string of “corporate” assignments with fancy titles like Creative Director (Indigo Consulting) and Vice President (ICICI Group), where either as an internal or external consultant, he helped organizations like ICICI, HSBC and others, leverage digital technologies, build cutting-edge products and improve engagement with stakeholders.

Along the way, he also experienced the journey of a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma, and trained in the art of Usability and Project Management – tools & techniques that would live in his DNA for years to come.

In his second stint as an entrepreneur, Naveen worked as an independent consultant at the helm of ThinkShop, helping clients bridge the gap between Idea and Execution, through solutions that spanned Customer Engagement, User Experience Design and Marketing Strategy.

Currently, he heads ‘Customer Experience’ at the Edelweiss Group – one of India’s leading Financial Services conglomerates. He is also a sought-after speaker at business schools & industry conferences across the country, and an advisor at a leading accelerator where he mentors select start-ups.

Naveen also loves to write, and his contributions have been featured in a crowd-sourced book (What Should Google Do) by Seth Godin, and covered in various online / print magazines, including the Always-On Network, ZDNet India, YourStory, etc.

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